But Why EMS Podcast Ep. 34 with GD’s Kayla Jacquez

Ridgefield, NJ – July 3, 2023: Recently the But Why EMS Podcast launched Episode 34 What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate. On this podcast, GD’s South Central Regional Manager Kayla Jacquez and But Why hosts discuss the common communication challenges faced between prehospital and hospital teams, and the communication platforms that can alleviate those challenges. 

On this episode you will hear first-hand experiences about the communication complications derived from technical glitches and multiple healthcare clinicians in the prehospital and in-hospital world from: 

South Central Regional Manager, Kayla Jacquez. Kayla comes from an extensive background of Fire, EMS, and ED experience. After nearly 10 years working in emergency services, she’s gained knowledge and understanding of the different communication processes and hurdles these teams face on a daily basis. As the South Central Regional Manager of GD, her goal is still to improve patient care. The difference is that now she has the ability to help more of those teams improve their own patient care.

Hawnwan Philip Moy, MD, FACEP, FAEMS. Phil is an Emergency Physician and EMS Physician at Mercy Hospital in Saint Louis. He is the Medical Director for Missouri and Carbondale base for ARCH Air Methods Helicopter EMS and head editor for the Prehospital Emergency Care Podcast, But Why EMS podcast, and the Air Methods Prehospital EDucation podcast. Phil enjoys creating podcasts and educating paramedics to improve the quality of prehospital care. 

Gina Pellerito, NRP. Gina is a paramedic and has worked in both prehospital as well as ED environments. She currently works as an EMS liaison as well as a critical care paramedic on an ambulance.

John Reagan, NRP. John has been in EMS since 2011. He started in Kentucky and moved to St. Louis in 2012. He has worked at several agencies and hospitals around the area and is currently the EMS outreach coordinator for Barnes Jewish Hospital. John has a passion for prehospital medicine, specifically with teaching and improving the human factors that influence decisions. He is currently working towards becoming a physician assistant and hopes to use this to expand the career path for EMTs and paramedics.

Paul Schuler, NRP. Paul is a paramedic/field training officer for University of Missouri Health Care EMS, EMS instructor for MU Extension, and Research Specialist for the University of Missouri Department of Emergency Medicine. He also serves as a firefighter/paramedic and EMS instructor for the Boone County Fire Protection District. In addition to his clinical work, Paul serves as the podcast’s web developer and is pursuing admission to medical school.  

You can listen to Episode 34: What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate of the But Why EMS Podcast on: 

About But Why: 

Phil, John, and Gina first met in north St. Louis. John and Gina were partners on the ambulance and Phil was the new medical director for their service. Over the next few years they developed a fun working relationship and progressed the standard at that service. Fast forward and the trio now work for different employers but maintained a good relationship and a shared passion for educating EMS clinicians. Gina and John both work as EMS liaisons for major area trauma centers and Gina

is also a critical care paramedic for a fire department. Phil is an emergency medicine physician and medical director for several agencies. The three reunited with an idea  to bring a different kind of education to prehospital providers. The idea centered around the fact that paramedics are always asking their medical directors ‘But why?’

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