GD Launches New e-Bridge Enhancement for Healthcare Team Communication

Ridgefield, NJ: August 28, 2023: General Devices is thrilled to announce two new innovative e-Bridge enhancements to its WorkFLOW platform. These are designed to improve patient assessment calculations and streamline case management for hospitals and EMS teams. Yet another example of GD’s commitment to delivering responsive innovations that enhance team communication and patient care. 

Update #1: Configurable Patient Assessment Calculators

This innovative update introduces highly configurable patient assessment calculators for cases needing GSC, Stroke and other scale calculators. These simple calculators include a quick reference guide ability, offering clear explanations of each scale value. This makes EMS’s job easier and reduces errors and miscommunication. As always, e-Bridge users are empowered with greater flexibility in tailoring the platform’s notification, alerting and telehealth capabilities to their unique requirements.

“This pocket tool is yet another example of Responsive Innovation from GD to improve care” – Mark Brincat, GD VP Sales

Key Features of this e-Bridge enhancement includes:

  • New configurable options for assessment calculators, allowing stakeholders and users to adapt them to their teams specific needs
  • Simple reference guides to ensure precise understanding of scale and calculator values 
  • Automated l score calculation reduces errors in patient assessment 

Update #2: Revolutionized Case Management with Configurable Case Naming 

This new e-Bridge enhancement adds dynamic case naming capabilities. While simple, it offers hospitals and EMS teams unparalleled flexibility in organizing and identifying incoming patients. Instead of fixed conventions,  this feature pulls in pertinent patient information such as sex, age, room assignment, date of birth, case type, or any other captured information that users want to be presented.

“Simplicity and configurability are keys to expedient patient care – that’s why e-Bridge is so powerful for today’s EMS and hospitals” – Andrew Poer, GD Customer Success Manager

Key Features of this e-Bridge enhancement includes:

  • Automated generation of case-specific names for clearer identification of incoming patients 
  • Enhanced ED dashboards for simplified, accurate status at a glance
  • Streamlined patient tracking for both EMS and hospital teams 

About GD (General Devices)

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