New GD eBook: Selecting the Right EMS Communication Platform

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – February 15, 2022: General Devices has launched a new eBook, How to Choose a Communication Platform, for EMS and hospital teams.

All EDs and EMS agencies require innovation and collaboration—the kind that only communication platforms introduce. With reliable, configurable EMS and ED team communications, challenges like lack of preparedness for incoming patients, miscommunication of patient data between healthcare teams, and healthcare team burnout are reduced. As a result, both coordination of care and patient outcomes are improved.

Choosing the right healthcare communication platform can be overwhelming, as there are many considerations involved, but How to Choose a Communication Platform details everything EMS and hospital teams need to know. 

In this eBook, readers will learn what communication platforms have to offer healthcare teams and patients including:

  • improved patient outcomes
  • increased efficiency and risk mitigation 
  • data security
  • improved team communication

They will also discover how the right communication platform can address the challenges they face, find out what they should look for in a communication platform, and become acquainted with the features of GD’s e-Bridge Communication Platform. “When a paramedic can show a doctor a patient, even have the doc talk to the patient [en-route to the ED], the care is greatly enhanced” said Bonnie Kincaid, OCMCA Executive Director. 

Download How to Choose a Communication Platform to start solving your healthcare communications challenges.

About GD (General Devices)

GD is a Healthtech company specializing in communication solutions that help EMS and hospitals deliver simply seamless patient care. Powered by responsive innovation, GD’s user-friendly solutions facilitate rapid, secure, voice, telehealth and data sharing communications across care teams to help save time, money and lives. Backed by a 40+ year history and thousands of implementations, GD is a widely revered industry leader. Visit to learn more.


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