Englewood Health First to Launch GD CAREpoint 3

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – December 27, 2022: General Devices is pleased to announce that the first CAREpoint 3 workstation was installed in August at Englewood Health in Englewood, NJ. GD CAREpoint 3 connects EMS and ED teams with all the power and functionality of the trusted CAREpoint 2 Workstation, plus the responsive innovations necessary for today’s prehospital care communications.

GD’s CAREpoint Workstation connects EMS and ED teams to improve communication and help provide Simply Seamless Patient Care. By harnessing the power of responsive innovation, communications data is consolidated, reporting and recording is automatic, and network security is IT friendly, all in one SolaaS platform which is necessary for today’s prehospital care.

CEO Curt Bashford said, “We are excited to have partnered with Englewood Health for the pilot program of the CAREpoint 3. They have been a respected client dating back to our first-generation solution in the early 1990’s and we know that their staff and patient will benefit from this Responsive Innovation”

Benefits of the GD CAREpoint 3:

  • Seamless Communications for all your phone, radio, 12L, and data needs
  • Seamless Documentation with powerful D-Scribe X recording and reporting
  • Seamless Mobility allows you to handle calls anywhere in the ED
  • Seamless Telehealth with e-Bridge telehealth that extends your care continuum
  • Seamless Integration and implementation that uses your computer plus network security that’s IT-friendly.
  • Seamless Purchasing with SaaS subscriptions that are easy on your budget
  • Powerful call recording capabilities provide seamless documentation for both quality assurance reporting and compliance with NJDOH regulations. 

Englewood Health has been a respected client for many years, and later this year they will also implement CAREpoint GO, a new mobile add-on that will allow CAREpoint communications from a mobile device anywhere in the emergency department. 

Schedule a discovery of GD CAREpoint 3 today to identify challenges and gaps, configure the solution your teams need, and enjoy the benefits of Simply Seamless Patient Care.

About GD (General Devices)

GD is a Healthtech company specializing in communication solutions that help EMS and hospitals deliver simply seamless patient care. Powered by responsive innovation, GD’s user-friendly solutions facilitate rapid, secure, voice, telehealth and data sharing communications across care teams to help save time, money and lives. Backed by a 40+ year history and thousands of implementations, GD is a widely revered industry leader. Visit https://general-devices.com/ to learn more.


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