Enhanced Data Management with GD D-Scribe X

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Enhanced Data Management with GD D-Scribe X

The new data management solution for GD e-Bridge is launched and available as an upgrade.

[Ridgefield, NJ, Feb 2020] – GD (General Devices) released one of its first innovation of the New Year, D-Scribe X for GD e-Bridge. This version of GD D-scribe includes enhanced data management, storing, and sharing by including a reporting module for e-Bridge messages, case workflows and video call recordings. Reports can be filtered to create data based on a singular event, location, case type, specific time span of care and can be used as documentation for accreditation filings.

The GD D-Scribe built-in data management tool allows healthcare teams to review and report on data such as logged calls, video recordings and patient cases. The voice data captured and recorded by D-Scribe is securely stored and archived and can be accessed both locally and remotely. D-Scribe records voice and data communications. The review software is used after the call to reexamine the stored information for quality assurance, reporting and training.

Whereas the previous version of D-scribe was accessible via software installed on your network, GD D-Scribe X is server based and accessible through a web browser across your hospital network; making it easier to access.

Access to more accurate data at a timely manner helps to improve quality of patient care, as well as

  • Cost savings
  • Error deductions
  • Treatment time improvement
  • Risk mitigation
  • Workflow improvements

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