GD e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine partners with Zoom Video

(October 27th, 2019) Ridgefield NJ – General Devices (GD) has announced the partnering integration of Zoom video as a leap forward in Responsive Innovation for healthcare at the 2019 ACEP (American College of Emergency Physicians) Scientific Assembly in Denver, CO.


“We are talking about a complete video platform enhancement that’s now included in the GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine / telehealth solution” said Andrew Birnbaum, Director of Marketing at GD.  The latest version of GD e-Bridge now provides;

  • Multi-party video conferencing from 2 to 200 people
  • Voice only calls
  • Secure video & audio recording, sharing & storage
  • Video communications included in case management
  • Admin and user level defined controls
  • Screen sharing

Secure video is key in several programs, particularly feature rich, highly secure and cost-effective video. Video communication has proven to support in saving lives and simplifying the task of providing emergency medical services (EMS) and hospitals the tools needed for today’s healthcare. Providers who have access to a mobile device or computer can realize the benefits of having their medical consultation secure while remote.


“GD e-Bridge Mobile Telehealth and Zoom Video Communications are both the best of breed and together can aid in emergency, mobile integrated health and community paramedicine communications, process workflows and documentation.  GD e-Bridge is also a telehealth solution for the new federal ET3 program designed to eliminate unnecessary transports to the hospital” added Birnbaum.

GD has been providing video communication for over a decade with its FDA Listed, HIPAA Secure and FirstNet listed solutions for clients in over 500 healthcare regions throughout the US.  With the advanced demands on video and after deeply evaluating mostly other video platforms, GD partnered with Zoom for it has great capabilities to further help in the mission of successful telemedicine programs for GD’s EMS and hospital clients.


GD recently moved all its e-Bridge users over to Zoom Video to further improve their mobile telemedicine experience and can now provide their customers an even more efficient experience with continued process improvements on:

  • Remote patient decision support
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Telemedicine video conferencing
  • ET3 Telehealth
  • MIH-CP assistance and specialist sessions
  • Patient refusal recording or 3rd party convincing
  • Proof for billing and legal
  • Scene and evidence recording
  • Quality control reviews
  • Trainings and group meetings
  • GD e-Bridge Interpreter

GD e-Bridge itself represents all the benefits of telemedicine, like connecting medical and public safety teams, improving care, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.  With GD’s highly configurable mobile telehealth platform partnered with Zoom it now offers and even more complete and secure video package at the right price and quality for every team to meet today’s standards and needs in providing the right care at the right time and place.


About GD

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