Live FirstNet Webinar Event with GD e-Bridge

Date: July 15, 2019

Contact: Andrew Birnbaum

Company: GD                                                                             



Phone: 201-313-7075


Ridgefield, NJ (July 2019) – GD is excited to announce that GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine solution will be on FirstNet’s Webinar on July 25th. Curt Bashford, GD’s CEO, will be discussing the challenges presented in healthcare and the lifesaving benefits that telemedicine provides. The capture and timely exchange of medical treatment and transport information between EMTs and paramedics on-scene or in the ambulance and nurses or physicians at a hospital emergency department (ED), urgent care, or other facility, is critical to patient care.


Come join GD on July 25th at 1:30 pm EST and learn how telemedicine is changing the way healthcare and public safety teams communicate and ultimately provide better patient outcomes. You can register for the webinar, by July 24th, here:


FirstNet requires a rigorous technical, relevancy, and security review process in order to be listed in the App Catalog. GD e-Bridge is FirstNet listed and enables Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel to digitally connect to care providers anywhere quickly and easily.


“From the first medical contact by EMS in the field, the GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine and workflow app provides data and team communications that shave precious minutes off lifesaving treatment,” said Curt Bashford, GD’s CEO.


FirstNet is the nationwide communications platform dedicated to America’s first responders and public safety community. FirstNet is purpose-built to enable the important work performed by first responders. FirstNet offers technology, features and functionality designed to properly handle the rigorous and unique demands of first responders. With this much-needed technology upgrade, first responders can connect to the critical information they need every day and in every emergency.


“Out-of-hospital healthcare is changing. The emphasis now is providing the right care, at the right place and right time. In the case of time sensitive acute care issues like heart attack, stroke and sepsis, GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine and workflow provides team communications that shave precious minutes off lifesaving treatment. We all know the hospital ED is not always the appropriate destination for non-acute emergencies. The newly announced Health and Human Services’ ‘Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport’ program (ET3) better aligns reimbursement incentives. ET3 permits appropriate on-site treatment and transport to alternate destinations such as urgent care facilities – provided they are made with mobile telemedicine and telehealth support. That’s where GD e-Bridge also comes in and enables simply better, more cost effective care,” adds Bashford.



GD enables smarter patient care by empowering hospitals, EMS, community healthcare and public safety with the most comprehensive, interactive, configurable, affordable, and integrated FDA listed medical communication and mobile telemedicine solutions. The benefits of which are enhanced workflows, minimized risk, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes. Learn more at

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