Compliance with Arizona EMS Law Can be Easy with e-Bridge Telehealth

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – July 1, 2022: Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has signed House Bill 2431, which prohibits EMS from diagnosing patients and discouraging patients from being transported to the hospital.

According to the new Arizona law, EMS must also explain the risks and consequences of not being transported to patients refusing transport. If EMS feels there is no need to provide transportation, they must contact a physician providing medical direction or a physician at the base hospital. Arizona Bill 2431, introduced by State Representative Amish Shah, a physician, is an effort to combat what his research showed was a high percentage of “non-transports.”  

With GD’s e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine App, Arizona other regions that have similar concerns about transport decisions can implement simple telehealth as a QA solution. With e-Bridge, EMS can communicate quickly and seamlessly with physicians and medical direction at the hospital through HIPAA-secure sharing of pictures, audio, video and live streaming telehealth. This is similar to CMS’ ET3 program requirement for a telehealth consult for treat-in-place (non-transport). e-Bridge also provides alerts and notifications with real-time ETA tracking and allows 12-lead management from any monitor. With a suite of highly configurable extensions, e-Bridge allows users to tailor its interface, alerts, buttons, workflow and more.

Not only does this result in faster time-to-treatment, more efficient patient hand-off, better preparedness for incoming patients and cost savings, but for those working to comply with legislation like Arizona Bill 2431, e-Bridge allows for:

  • Easy, fast telehealth communication with a hospital to confer on refusals, treat-in-place and non transports. 
  • Improved quality and assurance and risk reduction with documentation and recordings of AMA refusals and declined transports

Discover how e-Bridge makes pre-hospital communication faster, easier and mitigates risk.  

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