GD to Attend North American Active Assailant Conference 2024

Ridgefield, NJ — May 29, 2024 — GD General Devices (GD) is proud to announce its participation in the North American Active Assailant Conference 2024, taking place from June 6th-7th in Troy, Michigan. GD will be showcasing its innovative solutions for managing Mass Casualty Incidents (MCIs) and highlighting how its e-Bridge Communication Platform revolutionizes MCI communication, making it easier and more efficient.

The North American Active Assailant Conference is a premier event that gathers public safety professionals, emergency responders, and industry experts to discuss strategies and technologies for handling active assailant situations and mass casualty events. GD’s participation underscores its commitment to enhancing emergency response capabilities through cutting-edge technology.

Key Highlights of GD’s Participation:

  • MCI Communication Solutions: GD will present its comprehensive solutions for MCI management, focusing on improving coordination, communication, and response times during critical incidents.

  • e-Bridge Communication Platform: Attendees will learn how the e-Bridge platform streamlines communication among first responders, hospitals, and emergency management teams. Features such as real-time data sharing, video conferencing, and instant alerts are designed to enhance situational awareness and decision-making during MCIs.

  • Interactive Demonstrations: GD will conduct live demonstrations of the e-Bridge platform, showcasing its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities in managing emergency communications seamlessly.

  • Expert Insights: GD’s team of experts will be available to discuss the latest trends and challenges in MCI management, providing valuable insights into how technology can improve response efficiency and outcomes.

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About GD [General Devices]

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