Quality Care Coordination in Rural America with GD e-Bridge

EMS Director, Fire Chief & Emergency Management Coordinator on their experiences with GD e-Bridge


GD e-Bridge is a telehealth solution that connects large healthcare teams, both rural and urban. This easy-to-use mobile app enables live, HIPPA-secure communications between and among EMS and hospitals through the sharing of pictures, audio, video and live streaming. Users are able to tailor the e-Bridge’s interface, alerts, buttons, authorized participants, workflow and more, allowing hospital teams to create the best protocols for their individual needs—and save more lives.


Here’s what a few users had to say about their experience with e-Bridge and GD, particularly in rural areas.

Ken Smith, Emergency Management Coordinator, HCA Chippenham Medical Center

Ken Smith, Emergency Management Coordinator at HCA Chippenham Medical Center in Richmond, Virginia, describes how GD e-Bridge helps EMS and critical care access hospitals in rural areas improve communication and operational effectiveness. The real-time communication that e-Bridge facilitates between EMS and hospital teams has helped decreased the amount of false STEMI being called in, as hospital teams are getting information early on from EMS.


Richard Lewis, EMS Director, George E. Weems Memorial Hospital and Franklin County EMS 

Richard Lewis, EMS Director at George E. Weems Memorial Hospital and Franklin County EMS in Franklin County, Florida, looks for three things when choosing a telehealth solution for his team: whether the software is HIPPA compliant, whether it’s user-friendly for EMS and hospitals, and the quality of customer support. In e-Bridge he found something he could customize to fit all of these requirements and more.


David Motes, Acting Fire Chief, Clay County Fire Department 

According to David Motes, Acting Fire Chief of the Clay County Fire Department in Clay County, Florida, GD e-Bridge is that rare affordable, easy-to-use patient care reporting device that allows Fire EMS to take a quick exam video on the scene, send it to the hospital, determine whether a consult is necessary and ensure that physicians are prepared for the patient’s arrival. This is particularly valuable when a patient is in a rural area and it might take some time to get to the hospital.


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