Trauma Treatment: Faster Times, Better Outcomes

Let’s talk about trauma.


According to the National Trauma Institute, Trauma is defined as “a bodily wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, such as that from violence or an accident, including vehicle crashes, severe falls, gunshots or knives, blunt force, blasts and burns.”


Just how common is such an injury?


Startlingly common.


Trauma is far and away the #1 cause of death in children and adults ages 1-46 years. (NTI)


Trauma costs $671 billion per year- per year! – in healthcare and lost productivity. (NTI)


Those stats are pretty…traumatic…no?


So let’s talk about treating trauma.


In 2016, The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering & Medicine (NASEM) developed a 5-point graphic entitled, “The Trauma Care Chain of Survival.” What was the second link on that chain after “bystander care?” Prehospital EMS, of course.


No one knows the importance of that second link on the chain than an Arizona Medical Center.


The only Level III Trauma center in Northwestern Arizona staffs Level 1-trained, board certified trauma surgeons at their center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They understand the importance of fast, comprehensive, effective trauma care. They know that when trauma is involved, every second counts.


They know they need accuracy and efficiency to reduce treatment times- so they use e-Bridge.


With GD e-Bridge’s Trauma Workflow app, EMS can tag a call as “trauma” and immediately begin logging a patient’s information, history and vitals in real time, and share everything while en route to the ED. All treatments, intervention, assessments and notes are uploaded accurately and quickly, and can be reviewed by trauma staff standing by at the ED as they prepare a bed and a team for the incoming patient. As the ambulance nears the hospital, e-Bridge sends an alert to notify the waiting team that their patient has arrived- they can meet the rig fully prepared with a pre-registered wristband and a plan of action.


Trauma demands fast decisions and fast treatment times. With the e-Bridge Trauma Workflow app, the Medical Center has utilized a system that improves accuracy, reduces treatment time, and saves lives.

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