Understanding Telehealth in Acute Care: A Panelist Discussion

On November 16, General Devices hosted a panel discussion with leaders from EMS as well as hospital and community health care organizations about the value in understanding telehealth in acute care. In particular, they examined how the GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine app has aided in transforming their acute care processes and beyond. These panelists have proven that while navigating changes and getting buy-in isn’t easy, the results speak for themselves. 

“It’s the success stories from panelists here and others like them that show what’s possible with a simple technology that provides information to improve care, save time, save lives, and save money,” says Curt Bashford, CEO and Protagonist of Responsive Innovation at General Devices.

In the webinar, titled “Understanding the Role of Telehealth in Stroke, STEMI and Trauma Care,” each of the panelists discussed the challenges their hospitals and departments faced before revealing how and why they implemented e-Bridge—which enables live, HIPAA-secure communications between and among EMS/fire and hospital teams through sharing pictures, audio, video and live streaming, as well as real-time ETA tracking and 12-lead management from any monitor—as a powerful and simple to use solution to getting patients the right care at the right time and the right place. Here’s a sneak peek of some of their insights. Here’s a sneak peek of some of their insights.

Panelists spoke about their use of telehealth in acute care settings and said:

“It really opened up a platform for us to not only communicate in real-time on actual cases but to turn around and follow up and do real-time CQA/CQI on particular cases,” says Alina Capatina, ACS & STEMI Department Coordinator & Operations Excellence Team at Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, MA. “We saw an improvement in the metrics due to that main communication improvement between EMS and our hospital.”

“We continue to receive feedback from EMS and hospitals that they appreciate the information and resources this technology offers them,” says Ben Ryals, Emergency Department Nurse Manager at Southeast Health Medical Center in Dothan, AL. “e-Bridge had such a positive reputation that it has become in high demand throughout the hospital system.”

Download the webinar recording to gain an understanding of telehealth in acute care from providers and leaders in EMS and hospitals.

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