Use the GD e-Bridge Telemedicine App to its Fullest Potential

Watch these videos to learn how Baystate Medical Center and American Medical Response are successfully managing growing volumes of patients and ambulance calls using FirstNet and the FirstNet verified telemedicine app – eBridge.

Decreasing Treatment Times with e-Bridge Telemedicine App

When AMR’s communication technology was falling short, the team made the decision to switch to e-Bridge to increase efficiencies and ultimately reduce patient treatment times. They were able to purchase a new Sonim XP8 device for every ambulance at each level. Through e-Bridge, they found that communication and logistics management can be made easy. AMR is now able to leverage the e-Bridge and FirstNet platform for direct communication with the hospitals, dispatch, as well as within the team. Additionally, GPS capabilities provide the ability to track their team and serve as an emergency backup safety for peace of mind.

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Using the Right Mobile Tools for Better Patient Care

Before they made the switch to e-Bridge, Baystate Medical Center was limited to only radio communication capabilities with EMS. This limited communication between the hospital and the team in the field to a very short distance, EMS radios could not reach the towers until they were about 5-10 minutes out from campus. After making the switch to e-Bridge, EMS could communicate anywhere they had a wifi or cellular connection, increasing their compliance with EMS transmission rate from 19% to 82%.

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Real ROI from an e-Bridge User

When Baystate Medical knew it was time for a better process, they began exploring options for pre-hospital applications. They needed a system that would allow for real-time communication and the ability to securely share PHI. e-Bridge met all of their needs and even optimized several of their existing workflows. Implementing e-Bridge gave their EMS team more capabilities in the field that ultimately reduced time to treatment. Utilizing e-Bridge gave EMS the ability to send a STEMI alert and patient ECG to the care team while they were still inside of the patient home. This was especially helpful in mobilizing the CATH team during their off-hours and reduced critical life-saving metrics like first medical contact to balloon and door to balloon.

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Use e-Bridge where ever you need for the Right care, at the right time, in the right place

The FirstNet network allowed AMR to alleviate many communication pain points they experienced with radio transmissions. By switching their team to the FirstNet cell phone wireless network, they were able to provide real-time call updates anytime, anywhere without worrying about dead spots in the network. The team can now effectively and easily communicate to each other in a group setting or one on one based on their needs.

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Using e-Bridge to Manage COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic required many hospitals and care teams to quickly adapt by creating new effective patient protocols. When the pandemic struck Baystate Medical center quickly realized that their standard processes and general medical e-Bridge module were not sufficient to manage the patient caseload and quarantine measures. Their e-Bridge representative had a COVID-19 specific module tailored to their existing system up and running within hours of their request, allowing them to efficiently manage and quarantine COVID-19 patients.

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A real GD e-Bridge Telemedicine App Use Case in the ED

Baystate Medical Center’s Prehospital Coordinator demonstrates a real use case of how their COVID-19 e-Bridge module streamlined their COVID patient workflow. Their ED was able to implement a system that quickly identified COVID-positive patients and implemented an ED-EMS liaison system. Using the e-Bridge app, the hospital was able to provide an escort to reduce COVID patient contact with surfaces and other people.

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7 Are you using your e-Bridge Telemedicine App to its fullest potential?

Baystate Medical Center’s Prehospital Coordinator discusses all of the e-Bridge features that have helped streamline their direct communication processes like EMR and paging integration as well as video calls for critical care transport. “We are looking forward to integrating e-Bridge into all of our community hospitals and continuing our partnership with General Devices!”

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