When Communication is the Key to Success

TriStar Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, Tennessee has seemingly countless reasons to be proud of their organization. Just a few of their accolades?

  • TriStar is the recipient of the Commission on Cancer’s Outstanding Achievement Award;
  • The Society of Chest Pain Centers has named them an Accredited Chest Pain Center with PCI;
  • The Joint Commission has designated them as both a certified Primary Stroke Center and an overall Top Hospital of Quality;
  • They hold the title of ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence; and
  • They are the only medical center in Tennessee, and one of only 139 centers nationwide, designated as a Pathway of Excellence Organization by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC).

With all of these credentials, and over 300 certified physicians representing over 36 specialties….they’re a pretty busy medical center. Needless to say, to maintain their record of excellence, they expect a lot from their equipment. When it matters most, they need a system that delivers.

When all 218 beds are full, TriStar needs a system that is both fast and accurate. They demand dependable, clear information exchange; reliable, easy to access archiving; and secure communication.


GD CAREpoint delivers on every demand.


GD CAREpoint is the choice of more hospitals around the country than any other pre-hospital mobile telemedicine, communication or notification system. Why? Because GD CAREpoint provides a myriad of communication-enhancing features, all seamlessly and efficiently, including:

  • Interactive mobile telemedicine
  • Call management
  • Call/radio recording
  • Data sharing
  • Patient vitals reporting
  • Medical team notification and tracking
  • Time-stamping
  • Video streaming
  • Online medical control
  • Unified 12-lead management
  • Remote EMS call answering
  • Instant incident recall and replay
  • Ambulance geo-mapping

Communication is key in the ED- medical centers need a system that provides a foundation for clear, reliable information exchange. TriStar, an award-winning medical center, chooses GD CAREpoint to provide that foundation.

Need to seal the cracks in your foundation? Call GD today for more information.


About GD (General Devices)
GD enables smarter patient care by empowering hospitals, EMS, community healthcare and public safety with the most comprehensive, interactive, configurable, affordable, and integrated FDA listed medical communication and mobile telemedicine solutions. The benefits of which are enhanced workflows, minimized risk, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes. Learn more at www.general-devices.com.

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