An All-in-one Communication Solution for Hospital Teams

In the fast-paced world of healthcare, effective communication is the cornerstone of providing quality patient care. Hospital teams, comprising a multitude of specialists, nurses, and providers, need seamless coordination to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. Imagine a platform that brings together EMS, charge nurses, emergency department physicians, cath lab teams, specialty doctors, and many more, enabling them to communicate effortlessly and make critical decisions swiftly. This is where technology steps in, offering an all-in-one solution to enhance communication and streamline workflows for hospital teams.

As reported by the San Diego State University Global Campus, "Establishing strong communication systems and protocols can prevent early patient discharges, misdiagnosis, and other errors that can lead to readmissions." In this blog, we will explore how a communication platform fulfills this need, allowing various teams to communicate effectively and efficiently through one easy-to-use system. 

Bridging the Gap between Teams:

Alerts, Notifications, and Activations: e-Bridge provides a seamless notification system, ensuring that critical information reaches the right individuals instantly. Whether it's a medical emergency or a routine update, teams can be promptly informed through alerts.

Group Messaging: Collaboration is made simple with e-Bridge's group messaging feature. Teams can easily be added to the e-Bridge WorkFLOW case, fostering better communication among different care teams and enhancing decision making support

Teams that Benefit from an all-in-one communication solution:
  • EMS
  • Charge Nurses
  • Emergency Department Physicians
  • Cath Lab Teams
  • ED Coordinators
  • STEMI Coordinators
  • Stroke Coordinators
  • Nurses
  • Cardiology Teams
  • Neurology Teams
  • On-Call Physicians
  • General Medical Teams
  • General Labs Team
  • and more!
Internal Alerts and Pages:

e-Bridge offers a solution for quick internal alerts, allowing users to specify the teams that need to be notified for different situations, such as medical and fire codes, missing child alerts, or security intrusions. This capability ensures that only the relevant teams are informed, preventing unnecessary chaos in the hospital.

Improved Decision Making:

With e-Bridge, physicians have instant access to critical patient information, including vitals, 12-Lead EKGs, images, Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) calculations from EMS, and the patient's condition from first medical contact Furthermore, they can engage in video conferences with other specialists to discuss patient needs and the best course of action. This enhanced collaboration leads to better-informed decisions and quicker responses.

Enhanced Nursing Workflows:

Nurses and support staff can seamlessly connect with physicians and specialists to request test results, medications, report changes in patients' conditions, and activate other teams like the lab without the hassle of phone-tag. This streamlined communication enhances the efficiency of nursing workflows.

A Director of Trauma Services shared in our Team Communication Leads to Decreased Treatment Times case study, “It was very clear, the use[r] ability was better. I can use it as a pager, I can get it as a text, I can get it to my phone. And it included answering the EMS radio, sending it out and recording the calls. There is not another item on the market, at least that I found in my search that does that." This study showcases how improved communication within hospital teams directly translates to reduced treatment times, ultimately benefiting patients and improving ROI. For more insights, you can download the full case study here.

e-Bridge is a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes communication within hospitals, enhancing teamwork, decision-making, and patient care. With features designed to meet the specific needs of various healthcare teams, it acts as a unifying platform, ensuring that critical information is shared quickly and accurately.

If you're ready to experience the benefits of e-Bridge for your hospital team, don't hesitate to connect with the Regional Manager in your area and learn more about how e-Bridge can transform your healthcare communication.

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