One Platform to Revolutionize Healthcare Communication: e-Bridge

For first responders, effective prehospital communication with hospital teams in incredibly stressful times is crucial to saving patient lives. So much of these situations are out of their control. How much time passes after an injury before they are called, traffic on the way to the patient and the hospital, and how severe the injuries are. 

What is in their hands is how efficiently they communicate with the hospital team that will receive the patient at the end of the ride. Time is often so vital that verbal communication won’t be sufficient or effective at describing the patient’s injuries or the severity of them. It’s a difficult task but many hospitals don’t empower their EMS teams to do this well or give them effective patient case management software. 

GD’s e-Bride Communication Platform does exactly that. e-Bridge is a cutting-edge communication platform designed to streamline communication and collaboration among healthcare teams, from emergency medical services (EMS) in the field to hospital care teams. It serves as a bridge between prehospital care and emergency department (ED) workflows and specialty care teams, ensuring seamless information flow and timely decision-making.

How e-Bridge Benefits Healthcare Teams

  • Improved Efficiency: By streamlining communication and information exchange, e-Bridge helps healthcare teams work more efficiently, reducing response times and enhancing overall productivity.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: The platform fosters collaboration among EMS providers, hospital staff, and specialists, facilitating multidisciplinary care coordination and ensuring that patients receive the most appropriate treatment.
  • Better Patient Outcomes: With timely access to critical patient data and expert consultations, healthcare teams can make more informed decisions and deliver higher quality care, ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.

Features that Set e-Bridge Apart from similar solutions 

    • Configurability: a suite of extensions that allow users to build their own communication platform around tailored interface, alerts, buttons, notification, assessments, workflows, and more. 
    • Real time case communication and updates: e-Bridge offers support through an entire patient case. The immediate emergency and the continuation of care throughout the hospital. Teams can notify and update other teams on changes to patient needs, vitals, requests, room assignments, and more. Creating truly seamless patient care.
    • Metric Tracking and Case Time Clock: e-Bridge WorkFLOW offers teams a visualcase clock to view and keep track of important metrics and time-sensitive needs. 
    • D-Scribe X reporting: case metrics are automatically logged and can be built into reports for improvement measures and legal and quality review.
    • Seamless Integration with CAREpoint ED Workstation: e-Bridge seamlessly integrates with the CAREpoint ED workstation, a central command hub for emergency departments. This integration ensures that patient information flows seamlessly from the field to the ED, reducing duplication of efforts and minimizing the risk of errors.
    • 24/7 Support: the GD team works 24/7 to handle all matters quickly, knowledgeably and with professionalism to ensure clients receive the best possible service.

The e-Bridge Communication Platform stands out as the best-in-class solution for healthcare communication and collaboration. Its innovative features, seamless integrations, and focus on enhancing patient care make it an indispensable tool for modern healthcare teams. 

Connect with your regional manager today to learn how e-Bridge is revolutionizing the way healthcare teams communicate and collaborate.

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