The Benefits of Upgrading Your Emergency Department with CAREpoint 3

Always on the go, hospital teams need reliable innovations that save time and improve patient care. An ED workstation, in particular, keeps all EMS communications in one place and enhances coordination of care between hospital teams and EMS. But choosing the right ED workstation is critical. The features of an emergency room communication app matter—and so does the user’s ability to navigate them quickly and easily.

Team procedures and patient care can be transformed with an advanced ED workstation like CAREpoint 3. Not only does CAREpoint 3 consolidate prehospital care communications into one easy-to-use innovation, the CAREpoint GO mobile position enables call management from anywhere in the hospital. It has all the power and functionality of the trusted CAREpoint 2 Workstation, plus the responsive innovations necessary for today’s prehospital care communications.

What else is new and improved if you upgrade your emergency department with CAREpoint 3? Read on to find out.

Easier access to data

With a server-based system, CAREpoint 3 has enhanced security that works within a hospital’s network, creating a seamless system. Since it’s a web-based system, hospital teams can also access CAREpoint Workstation data—from reviewing recorded calls to viewing EKGs—from any monitor or tablet with Remote Monitor. 

More organized information, faster

GD’s D-Scribe X Intelligence Hub is modern and powerful, working with CAREpoint 3 (and e-Bridge Communication Platform) to empower healthcare teams with secure access to all pre-hospital and hospital videos, images and voice communication, data and reports. Meanwhile, the emergency room communication app has workflow-based forms for intuitive patient data collection.

Adding to this improved organization is CAREpoint 3’s emergency department dashboard, which shows all incoming patients with their bed assignments, estimated ETA, chief complaint and other patient tracking identifiers. Finally, the enhanced user interface allows healthcare teams to configure light and dark mode, icons, buttons, and easily search CAREpoint Workstation for anything users need.

Reduced costs

With the new CAREpoint 3 configuration, the Communication Interface Module (CIM) can be anywhere in the hospital for a fraction of what it used to cost for hospitals with multiple workstations. Radio and phone cables no longer have to run from each ED workstation since all operator positions for CAREpoint 3 can run from the one CIM, which reduces the cost of running cables. 

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