Mastering Emergency Communication with EMS Call History

In the fast-paced world of healthcare team communications, every second counts. Ensuring seamless and efficient communication between hospital teams and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is vital. At GD, we take pride in providing innovative solutions to healthcare institutions, and today, we're excited to delve into one of our standout features, as lauded by our Southeast Regional Manager, Darin Helkowski: the Call History feature (formerly known as Instant Recall) of the CAREpoint ED Workstation.

Southeast Regional Manager, Darin Helkowski Endorses CAREpoint Call History as his Favorite Feature

Before we delve into the remarkable feature that Darin Helkowski, our Southeast Regional Sales Manager, holds dear, let's get acquainted with the individual behind the endorsement. With a background as the EMS Coordinator at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, Darin Helkowski has firsthand experience in optimizing healthcare communication. During his tenure at Doctors Hospital, he purchased two solutions from General Devices to elevate the emergency department's internal communication. He used eBridge to streamline and standardize Trauma, Stroke, and STEMI alert processes, enabling full team activations at the push of a button. Additionally, CAREpoint consolidated communications with EMS into one workstation and enhanced capabilities for receiving 12-leads from any device they use. Darin's expertise and passion for improving healthcare communication are unmistakable and form the foundation of his remarkable contributions to our team.

The Powerhouse: CAREpoint Workstation

What exactly is the CAREpoint Workstation and how crucial is its role within the healthcare ecosystem? Designed exclusively for hospitals, CAREpoint serves as the central command center for managing communication between hospital teams and EMS personnel. It acts as a catalyst for streamlined information flow, ensuring that vital details are never lost in translation.

What is Call History?

Now, let's unveil Darin's treasured feature—Call History. Darin aptly describes it as a "game changer" in the realm of Emergency Services communications. His sentiment is clear: "Recalling the last radio or phone conversation is a game changer when it comes to the field of Emergency Services communications, instant recall helps to make your job easier and eliminates miscommunication."

This ingenious feature equips hospital teams using CAREpoint to grasp and recall audio reports submitted by EMS teams via phone or radio. It eliminates the need to repeatedly call EMS or request redundant reports, saving crucial time during emergencies. With a simple click, the report can be replayed to the entire team, ensuring crystal-clear communication and bolstering the efficiency of the entire process.

In essence, Call History elevates healthcare professionals' ability to communicate during critical moments, amplifying efficiency and, ultimately, enhancing patient care. Watch this feature in action! 

Connect with Your Local Regional Manager

If you're eager to explore CAREpoint and its potential to revolutionize communication in your healthcare facility, we invite you to connect with your regional manager. Darin and our team of experts are readily available to schedule a discovery session, address your inquiries, and guide you on harnessing the prowess of CAREpoint ED Workstation for the benefit of your hospital and patients.

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