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RIDGEFIELD, NJ – February 27, 2023: General Devices is Introducing CAREpoint 3 in a webinar on March 23, 2023 at 1pm Eastern . Moderated by GD CEO Curt Bashford, the webinar will be uncovering all things CAREpoint 3 with Northeast Regional Manager Michael Pisano, Southeast Regional Manager Darin Helkowski, and North Central Regional Manger Kayla Jacquez.

Webinar attendees can expect to walk away with a better understanding of how CAREpoint 3:

  • connects EMS and ED teams, allowing them to provide Simply Seamless Patient Care
  • can work on the go with you
  • provides easy management of ED quality assurance and reporting with D-Scribe X
  • extends your care continuum when paired with e-Bridge
  • can be seamlessly integrated with your existing computers and implemented with IT friendly network security

About the panelists:

Curt Bashford is the CEO and Protagonist of Responsive Innovation at General Devices. His experience at GD spans 40 years and includes developing communications and telemedicine solutions for Emergency Medical Services, hospitals and health care providers.

Michael Pisano has been involved in emergency services for over a decade. Before becoming GD’s Northeast Regional Manager, he was the ALS Coordinator in a combination fire department in Pennsylvania. His past experiences have made him an advocate for new technologies and has given him a responsive drive with innovative ideas.

Prior to becoming GD’s Southeast Regional Manager, Darin Helkowski was the EMS Coordinator at Doctors Hospital in Augusta Georgia. There, he purchased two solutions from General Devices, which helped his emergency department improve communication internally. e-Bridge was used to streamline and standardize Trauma, Stroke, and STEMI alert processes, and CAREpoint consolidated communications with EMS and enhanced capabilities with EMS.

Kayla Jacquez comes from an extensive background of Fire, EMS, and ED experience. After nearly 10 years of working in emergency services, she has gained knowledge and understanding of the different communication processes and hurdles tasked on a daily basis. As the North Central Regional Manager of GD her goal still remains to improve patient care, but now I have the ability to help those who continue to help others.

Register for the Introducing CAREpoint 3 webinar or find your local GD representative to learn more about CAREpoint 3.

About GD (General Devices)

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