Elevating Acute Care Team Coordination with Case Clock

South Central Regional Manager, Kayla Jacquez, Endorses the e-Bridge Case Clock as her Favorite Feature for Enhancing Patient Care. 

Meet Kayla Jacquez, South Central Regional Manager for GD's innovative communication solutions. She's not just an industry expert; she's also an advocate for one of the most powerful features within the e-Bridge Communication Platform - the Case Clock.

Meet Kayla: Your e-Bridge Expert 

Before we begin to address the communication solution and how it’s feature, case clock helps teams. Meet the driving force behind this endorsement, Kayla Jacquez FF-P, South Central Regional Manager. She comes from an extensive background of Fire, EMS, and ED experience and after nearly a decade of working in emergency services, she knows the importance of effective communication. Having worked in many aspects and roles in emergency healthcare, her goal has always been the same, to help improve patient care. 

Kayla's Rave About Case Clock:

Kayla passionately endorses the e-Bridge Case Clock, and for good reason. This feature is a game-changer for acute care teams, particularly during high-stress, time-sensitive situations like stroke cases. Kayla explains, "Having the ability to see when a Stroke is activated and all the goals we are trying to meet during critical patient care is why I love e-Bridge’s real-time case clock. Being in the know during a stressful event makes the job easier and results in better patient outcomes!"

Understanding Case Clock:

The Case Clock is an integral part of the e-Bridge WorkFLOW product. It empowers healthcare teams to set specific timeframes for critical tasks, including vital signs and care, during acute care cases. This is particularly vital for adhering to state and regional guidelines that mandate specific timeframes for life-saving medications like tPA in stroke cases.

The Case Clock timestamps when a required task is completed, ensuring teams follow best practices for acute care. This level of accountability is crucial for time-sensitive tasks in critical patient care. All the time-stamped information is seamlessly recorded and reported through the D-Scribe X Intelligence Hub. This allows Stroke Coordinators and quality assurance teams to review all cases and their average times for providing essential medications, facilitating ongoing process improvement.

Watch as Kayla demonstrates the e-Bridge Case Clock. 

About e-Bridge:

Deliberately crafted as a mobile communication solution, e-Bridge stands out with its extensive feature set, including messaging, alerts, telehealth, group messaging, photo sharing, 12-Lead management, and more. These robust functionalities empower medical professionals to seamlessly exchange real-time patient data, ensuring the fluid flow of information within healthcare teams. With e-Bridge, no medical professional is ever disconnected from the critical loop. This comprehensive platform excels in fostering effective communication and collaboration, ensuring that everyone stays well-informed and closely connected, regardless of their role.

Connect and Learn More:

If you're eager to explore e-Bridge and its remarkable features, including the Case Clock, don't hesitate to connect with the regional manager in your area. Schedule a discovery session and discover how e-Bridge can transform communication in your healthcare institution.

About GD (General Devices) 

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