Chief Officers Benefits from Telehealth

Chief Officers Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions

Hospital Chief Officers (CXO) are responsible for ensuring that every component of the hospital is efficient.

  • Ensuring quality patient care and satisfaction
  • Setting the standard for operational excellence in performance
  • Implementing and continuously improving clinical procedures and policies
  • Safeguarding adherence to local, state and federal regulations
  • Delivering a strong financial performance

With constant advances in the healthcare industry, like telehealth, there are plenty of platforms that can help a hospital CXO achieve their goals, but these platforms add up cost and time, with the more solutions you add on. CXOs are now looking for that all-in-one telehealth solution that is going to satisfy their needs, consolidate and standardize all the data they need to ensure quality in their operational performance and great profits on their financial performance.

Over 34% of the nation’s busiest hospital communities and hundreds of others use GD Telehealth Solutions.


GD Telehealth Solutions brings more to the table, in one scalable and configurable solution, than one would expect. The value that these solutions provide to healthcare facilities include

  • Improved quality assurance
  • Cost Savings and increased profits
  • Better patient care
  • Standardization of processes and procedural adherence
  • Secure consolidation of all data, media, documentation and reports
  • Reduced errors and risk from common mistakes due to miscommunication or timely information


  • Create configurable processes to ensure all patients are receiving proper care and providers are consistent amongst teams
  • Manage case data and custom reporting on the patients journey
  • Consolidate data into one platform for cost savings, simpler technology and increased data accuracy
  • Securely store all case data and patient information in one central location for secure long-term review

GD Telehealth Solutions gives organizations the opportunity to create custom workflows to ensure the staff is adhering to best practices, policies and procedures. Optimized performance leads to time and cost savings across the board. High productivity often leads to reduced staff levels, more accurate data, decreased false lab activations, recorded refusals and so many other areas that are positively impacted. High-risk refusals are avoided with secure video recordings and live teleconferencing.


The staff is able to fully focus on the patient and the administrators are able to focus on the well-being of the organization, all while using the same simply powerful solution for documentation, information, communication and telehealth.


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