NJBIZ has Named GD a 2023 Leader in Digital Technology

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – February 22, 2023: General Devices (GD) has been honored with a 2023 Leaders in Digital Technology Award by NJBIZ. The awards recognize companies and individuals making a difference in the digital space both through digital technology and leadership.

As a HealthTech company, GD creates innovative technology solutions that respond to the evolving needs of clients and the shifting landscape of the healthcare industry. Time in the field of medicine can mean the difference between life and death–especially in the pre-hospital emergency setting. For the last four decades, GD has developed highly configurable and innovative telehealth and digital communications solutions designed to save time, money and lives. GD prioritizes embracing and developing new technologies like mobile applications and highly configurable, easy to use software that leverage networks and the cloud. Through easy technology, GD strives to make communication between EMS and hospital teams Simply Seamless.

A virtual awards ceremony will be held on March 30 and you will be able to read more about the 2023 Leaders in Digital Technology honorees in the April issue of NJBIZ.

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About GD (General Devices)

GD is a Healthtech company specializing in communication solutions that help EMS and hospitals deliver simply seamless patient care. Powered by responsive innovation, GD’s user-friendly solutions facilitate rapid, secure, voice, telehealth and data sharing communications across care teams to help save time, money and lives. Backed by a 40+ year history and thousands of implementations, GD is a widely revered industry leader. Visit https://general-devices.com/ to learn more.


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Alessia Ambrosino


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