EMS Liaison/ Coordinator Benefits from Telehealth

EMS Liaison/ Coordinator Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions


An EMS Liaison bridges first responders and the Emergency Department, and sometimes multiple healthcare facilities. They ensure that processes are running smoothly and that all members of their team are well equipped enough to follow protocols and perform the best patient care possible. This is becoming more complex with the addition of mobile technologies and shared data needs.


The role of Ems Liaison/Coordinator can be daunting, especially when trying to figure out how to obtain enough accurate data to know what is flowing smoothly and what needs to be improved.


Luckily, with GD Telehealth Solutions, The role of EMS Liaison/ Coordinator can be much easier.


GD Telehealth Solutions provides values to this role such as

  • Easier call handling with remote capabilities
  • Quality and Assurance with call recording playback and reports on call response times and values associated with a patient case
  • Process Improvement with configurable reporting on the data you need
  • Consolidation and Standardization of all your data – no more are the days of needed multiple solutions to track your process
  • Enhanced Communication with secure alerts, messaging and notifications, multimedia and data sharing
  • All users are on the same simply powerful, easy to use system

It’s all there, at the push of the button.


GD Telehealth Solutions gives liaisons the ability to replay past incidents, recreating them for staff to show best and worst practices. It allows them to use this data to create EMS training courses using real cases as the basis of training, making the training experience more relatable for both EMS and ED staff as well as easier to deploy the training.


It goes beyond training too – with GD Telehealth Solutions, liaisons can implement and monitor modules that allow doctors to provide online medical control to EMS in the field; set up custom workflow triggers to auto-notify staff of incoming patients and their symptoms and needs; enhance overall inter-departmental communication on all levels.

With GD, the role of EMS Liaison/Coordinator no longer has to be a daunting, overly stressed role. They are a member of the team, working to make sure all the pieces of the patient care puzzle fit together comfortable.


Put GD on your team for simply smarter patient care.


About GD (General Devices)

GD enables smarter patient care by empowering hospitals, EMS, community healthcare and public safety with the most comprehensive, interactive, configurable, affordable, and integrated FDA listed medical communication and mobile telemedicine solutions. The benefits of which are enhanced workflows, minimized risk, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes. Learn more at www.general-devices.com

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