Enhancing ED Preparedness with e-Bridge: Mike's Top Pick

When it comes to Emergency Medical Services (EMS), every minute counts. Efficient communication and precise coordination can make all the difference in ensuring timely patient care. Today, we shine a spotlight on one of the standout features of the e-Bridge Communication Platform, as endorsed by our Northeast Regional Manager, Mike Pisano: Live GPS Tracking.

Meet Mike Pisano, NRP: Your EMS Expert

Before we dive into the world of e-Bridge and its transformative capabilities, let's get to know the man behind the recommendation. Mike Pisano, our Northeast Regional Manager, is a seasoned professional with a deep understanding of the EMS landscape. His experience and insights make him an invaluable resource in the field. Mike has been involved in emergency services for over a decade and currently still works as a part time firefighter paramedic in the Tredyffrin and Easttown townships of Pennsylvania.

e-Bridge Communication Platform: Revolutionizing EMS

First and foremost, let's explore what the e-Bridge Communication Platform is and its essential role in the EMS ecosystem. Designed to streamline communication between EMS teams and hospitals, e-Bridge is a game-changer. It empowers EMS professionals to provide real-time patient data and ensures seamless information flow. e-Bridge does this through a myriad of features and capabilities including: 

  • Alerts, Activations, and Notifications
  • Secure Photos
  • Voice and Text Messaging 
  • Group Messaging Between Multiple Care Teams 
  • 12-Lead and Vitals Management 
  • Live GPS Tracking & ETA
  • Video Clips and Live Conferencing via Telehealth
  • Custom Forms 
  • Configurable Acute Care Workflows
  • Metrics and Case Clock 

Mike's Preferred Feature: Live GPS Tracking

Now, let's unveil the feature that has captured Mike's heart – Live GPS Tracking. Mike aptly sums up its significance: "When I am transporting to the hospital, my ETA is always 'See you in five minutes with a better bedside.' I can be pulling into the hospital parking lot or I can be twenty-five minutes away, but it is always five minutes. With GPS tracking, hospitals now have an extremely accurate ETA like UBER that can give them the precious minutes to better prepare for my arrival."

Live GPS Tracking revolutionizes how EMS teams operate. Upon sending an alert message or initiating a WorkFLOW Case, the ETA is promptly updated and displayed on the hospital's e-Bridge dashboard, ensuring automatic accuracy and alleviating the burdensome task of manual reporting. This functionality maintains its precision, even in instances of rerouting or unexpected traffic delays.

For hospitals, the benefits are equally significant. They can now anticipate the exact arrival time of the patient, enabling them to prepare internal teams and resources accordingly. This preparedness significantly improves the time to treatment for acute care patients, as hospitals can have all the specific case information, they need to provide the right resources, staff, and care upon arrival.

Watch this feature in action! 

Connect with Your Local Regional Manager

If you're eager to harness the power of the e-Bridge Communication Platform and Live GPS Tracking for your EMS operations, we invite you to connect with your regional manager. Mike and our expert team are here to schedule discovery sessions, address your queries, and guide you toward seamless coordination and enhanced patient care.

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