Hotter N’ Hell EMS & Responders Are Using GD e-Bridge for Multi-Team Communication


Date: August 22, 2019

Contact: Andrew Birnbaum

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Hotter N’ Hell EMS & Responders Are Using GD e-Bridge for Multi-Team Communication


Aug 2019 – Wichita Falls, Texas General Devices mobile telemedicine application GD e-Bridge is selected as the communication solution to be used during the largest and potentially hottest cycling event in the United States.

Hotter N’ Hell Hundred is one of the oldest and largest cycling events in the nation with over 13 thousand riders from across the globe traveling to Wichita Falls, Texas for 4 days of challenging activities.


Events like these are required to ensure riders that they will have adequate safety precaution in case of emergency. In most events like this, they tend to see a decent amount of trauma that often requires immediate medical attention. During this event, EMS agencies and responders will be equipped with GD e-Bridge in order to have seamless, efficient communication in case of emergency.


The EMS monitoring the Hotter N’ Hell Hundred race are looking to use GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine app for its video and live streaming capabilities. They will also be using the application for alerts such as Stroke, Trauma and Cardiac Arrest. EMS will also have the option to use Messaging, Picture Messaging, Video Messaging and Audio Messaging for other emergency or nonemergency communications with their teams. GD e-Bridge users will be placed at each of the 18 rest stops in order to be properly spread out along the track of the event. When the rest stop receives an injured racer, they will be assessed and taken to a Main Medical Tent or United Regional Hospital, if needed. In a scenario where a racer is injured and needs to be brought to another location, EMS will be using the GD e-Bridge live tracking feature in order to make sure they arrive safely and all parties are prepared for the patient.


Shane Comer, in relationship to the North Texas Healthcare Coalition (NTHCC) states, “Upon review of the GD e-Bridge product we have found that it has the ease of use and the functional capabilities we are looking for in a mobile application. We are looking forward to fully testing all of its capabilities in the upcoming event.


Considering the limited time frame we (NTHCC) gave GD to implement a fully functional system that will support the healthcare response to well over ten thousand riders the IT support has been superior. We expect that GD will assist us in increase response times for riders on the course, track patients to our Main Medical and/or Hospital and provide us with the ability to decrease surge in the local hospital through better triage in the field.”


An event of this mass needs to have the proper care available. By using GD e-Bridge, the Hotter N’ Hell EMS teams are fully equipped with the necessary tools to provide quick, accurate and seamless patient care and communications, throughout this event and in case of an emergency.


About GD e-Bridge

GD e-Bridge is a highly secure and FirstNet listed GD e-Bridge solution that provides an integrated and intelligent hospital-EMS notification, communication and documentation system unlike anything else on the market today. This solution can integrate with your existing technologies, and they offer mobile telemedicine, call/radio recording, remote call answering, time-stamping, unified 12- Lead management, video streaming, live online medial direction, instant outcomes and medical team efficiency while reducing medical error and liability.


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