Mobile Telemedicine Application Gains Innovative Upgrades and Features

Multiparty live video conferencing, configurable home button displays, and an SOS button enhance the life-saving mobile telehealth app, GD e-Bridge, for hospitals, EMS and Community Paramedicine teams.


RIDGEFIELD, NJ – Oct 2, 2020 ­– GD (General Devices), a Med Tech company specializing in mobile telemedicine and telehealth, announced new innovations to the GD e-Bridge app;

  • Multi-party team video conferencing.
  • Feature parity across all OS
  • A highly configurable SOS button.

The GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine tool, first released in 2005, is constantly being improved to ensure parity among all device platforms for an enhanced user experience and streamlined patient care workflows.


The multi-party live video conferencing feature allows specialty teams for ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) heart attack, stroke, trauma and sepsis, to collaborate on patient treatment plans, before the patient even arrives, and make joint evaluations and decisions. Secure team video conferencing allows specialists to communicate real-time throughout the care process to aid in diagnosis, evaluation and treatment plans. The new feature also increases efficiency for specialty teams and reduces false lab activations, saving money.


Studies have demonstrated that using an EMS‐based Mobile Telemedicine application resulted in a 28% to 46% improvement in door‐to‐needle (DTN) therapy for stroke victims and a 22% improvement in door‐to‐balloon (DTB) in STEMI patients.


In addition, the newly added GD e-Bridge home screen user interface allows GD e-Bridge to be even more configurable. Buttons to communicate the right information to the right people immediately. The new update means all device screens, iOS, Windows or Android devices, have the same layout, bringing parity across user platforms.


The SOS button is a critical communications tool during scenarios such as active shooters or bomb threats. With one click, teams can be notified to shut down an emergency department to stop a situation from escalating, for example.

The GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine app enables live communications between and among EMS crews, Medical Directors and hospital teams by sharing pictures, audio, video and live streaming to determine if patient transport to a hospital is necessary. Remote patient consults are often outside the scope of a paramedic and typically need a nurse, physician’s assistant or doctor to evaluate. GD e-Bridge is highly configurable, enabling users to tailor the interface, alerts, buttons, authorized participants and workflow to support field personnel’s assessments.


“Responding to our clients needs is critical to improve patient care, at GD, Responsive Innovation is a core value that is exemplified in our ever-improving solutions” Curt Bashford, CEO of GD.


Schedule a discussion with your GD team member today to learn how these new features can benefit your medical and response teams and save lives, or to discuss any new features you are hoping to see in your Mobile Telemedicine Solution.


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