Medical Interpreters Instantly Available on the GD e-Bridge Communication Platform


Medical Interpreters Available on the GD e-Bridge Communication Platform

GD Interpreter is now available on the GD e-Bridge Communication Platform for access to live-video medical interpreters during patient care. 


Ridgefield, NJ – June 1, 2020 – GD (General Devices) is excited to announce a game-changing medical interpreters module that is available on the GD e-Bridge Communication Platform. Coined as GD e-Bridge Interpreter, it enables patients, EMS and healthcare providers to have access to live-video medical interpreters. Leveraging the extensive mobile telehealth capabilities of the GD e-Bridge mobile app, you now have fast, HIPAA secure video conference with medically qualified interpreters to eliminate the language barrier between patients, EMS, ED physicians, and remote care providers with a simple click.


“GD e-Bridge Interpreter’s innovative digital solution replaces the expensive and limiting telephonic or onsite interpreters,” Tom Kielty, a 40-year expert in Interpretation services says. “Patients and interpreters can now instantly see each other and benefit from the many characteristics required for quality and useful interpreting.” 


In the US alone, 65 million people speak another language. This poses a challenge to healthcare providers as Joint Commission requires effective communication for every patient, which includes those that are limited-English proficient (LEP). GD Interpreter supports foreign languages, including ASL, and enables quick access to medically certified language interpreters – live 24/7. GD e-Bridge Interpreter bridges the gap between the team and patient communication.


Video remote interpreting (VRI) is the future of healthcare interpretation. Many hospitals today use the traditional methods of telephone or on-site language interpretation. Telephone interpreters are unable to see the visual cues and environmental context during the conversation. On-site interpreters have challenges with logistics, availability, and high expenses, often making it a non-workable solution. Video conference interpretation is more reliable, cost-effective, and provides instant access to an interpreter, leaving patients with a more complete understanding of their condition and care, which leads to better quality outcomes for our patients.


“On-site and telephone interpreting is old technology. Statistics have even found that effective human communication is based 55% on body language, 38% on tone and only 7% on words. Instant access, live video conferencing is the future of telehealth. Interpreters are available when you need them, not days from now, regardless of where you are in the world or the languages you are confronting,” adds Kielty.


GD is strategically partnered with the pioneer in ASL and video-based interpretation for medical interpreters. With Decades of experience in almost every vertical, you will have the best interpretation experience available. For more information how to gain access to live-video medical interpreters, contact the GD Responsive Innovation team.


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