The Benefits of Video Language Interpreters in Healthcare

There are more than eight percent of people living in the U.S. classified as Limited English Proficient (LEP). As a result, first responders and hospitals have an obligation to provide equal care for everyone, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and other regulations. In order for EMS and hospital teams to properly communicate with LEP patients, they must connect to language interpreters quickly and efficiently. This isn’t always easy. In-person language interpreters are costly, and it takes time to find the right interpreters for the right languages. After all, the video aspect of language interpreters is important, as telephone interpreters can’t see body language, which is essential for improved communication.

In response to the critical need for video language interpreters, GD has integrated video language interpretation services into our e-Bridge Communication Platform to allow first responders and hospital teams access to a professional live video interpreter in 30 seconds or less. e-Bridge Interpreter supports live video interpretation in 41+ languages, including American Sign Language. 

GD’s CEO, Curt Bashford said, “This important advancement represents yet another example of what we call ‘Responsive Innovation.'” He believes that with the growth of programs like ET3 and community paramedicine, whereby patients are treated in-place and not transported to the hospital, telehealth and video language interpretation for LEP patients will be essential.

The value of e-Bridge Interpreter 

With e-Bridge Interpreter, first responder and hospitals see:    

  • The same level of care for LEP patients, including visual cues and facial expressions to enhance the interpretation experience
  • Quicker access to the languages needed to serve all demographics 
  • More cost-effective and easily accessible video interpreters compared to onsite interpreting
  • Expanded access to healthcare for patients in rural and urban areas
  • Accurate care for patients
  • Improved patient satisfaction rates with improved treatment times
  • Time and money savings by reducing unnecessary transports to the ED
  • Reduced ED crowding and lowered hospital readmissions

Ensure patients get the right care at the right place and the right time with e-Bridge Interpreter. GD’s three-step process to leap ahead in patient care includes scheduling a discovery call to identify challenges and gaps, configuring the solution your teams need, and enjoying the benefits of simply seamless patient care.

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