EMS Medical Director Benefits from Telehealth

EMS Medical Director Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions


“Physician oversight of EMS by a dedicated and qualified medical director is critical to the successful delivery of quality out-of-hospital patient care at all jurisdictional levels.” (ACEP)


The above quote by the American College of Emergency Physicians sums it up pretty neatly –but nothing about an EMS Medical Director’s job is neat. Their responsibilities lie far and wide across the medical care spectrum. They’re responsible for establishing the protocols, policies and procedures that will dictate patient care. They oversee continuous quality improvement for medical care within the EMS system. And at the end of that undoubtedly very long day, they’re in charge of monitoring and ensuring EMS compliance to those protocols, policies and procedures.

Fortunately, GD Telehealth Solutions makes those far and wide-lying responsibilities a bit easier to hold together.


Using GD Telehealth Solutions, EMS Medical Directors have the ability to

  • Establish and maintain standardized protocols across all EMS teams and check for protocol adherence at the touch of a button.
  • Create custom data reports on topics such as response and door to needle times
  • Document, record and timestamp all pre-hospital and hospital communications
  • Analyze case data from start to completion of care
  • Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) for medical care within EMS Systems with tools for case management and review

EMS Medical Directors have the ability to create and monitor custom reports to assess pre-hospital EMS compliance. These quality and performance reports can be viewed instantly, or reviewed at a later date as part of training initiatives.


EMS Medical Directors have wide-ranging responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean the tools to implement those responsibilities have to be scattered in every direction. With GD Telehealth Solutions, directors can consolidate their systems, standardize their forms and policies, and help EMS teams across the system perform more efficiently and effectively.


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