Paramedic Benefits from Telehealth

Paramedics are one of the first line of defense when a 911 call is placed and the person sent out on community paramedic vehicles. Before the patient reaches the Emergency Department, paramedics are responsible for examination, evaluation and treatment, all while simultaneously communicating with the hospital and writing/submitting accurate reports both during transport and during patient transfer.


With all of this life-saving juggling going on in a moving ambulance, paramedics need one solution to keep it all together. They need one way to capture, store and share full case reports- not just a blurry photo; not just a single screen snapshot. They need the ability to access medical direction from the specialized physicians waiting at the hospital. They need the ability to capture everything, from video and audio to pictures and data, on one mobile device.


With the right tools, paramedics can do all of this and more.

With GD Telehealth Solutions, paramedics can

  • Send instant notifications to the ED for incoming patients – such as, Stroke, STEMI, Trauma, Mental Health or Sepsis cases
  • Share data via video, audio and pictures that are securely timestamped and stored for more accurate diagnosis
  • Use Digital Forms to send to hospital physicians for more accurate documentation while in the rig
  • Communicate ambulance ETA, down to the second, giving hospital staff time to prepare for the patient arrival
  • Mitigate risk by having the capabilities to record patient refusals which allows the physician to provide reason and advice to the patient and prevents any future legal issues
  • Continue education by having the ability to pull up past cases to recreate and replay for training purposes

Paramedics rely on efficient communication and documentation for all patient cases. By having one all-in-one solution to consolidate and standardize all pieces of their process, Paramedics can securely and efficiently communicate with their teams to provide the best possible patient care.


About GD (General Devices)
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