Generating Team Buy-In for a Communication Solution

Within the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, introducing a new communication solution can be a pivotal step for EMS and hospital teams. However, implementing such a change requires a strategic approach to generate buy-in from your teams. In this blog, we'll explore the proven methods that users have employed to ensure their EMS and healthcare teams embrace the benefits of a communication solution. Let's dive into the strategies that have proven successful.

Leveraging Social Media:

One powerful tool that healthcare institutions have utilized to generate EMS buy-in is social media. Take, for instance, Baystate Medical Center, which effectively used social media to showcase the benefits of their chosen communication solution by sharing record setting, great cases, and sharing photos of teams that had won internal competitions.

The Power of Organic Adoption and Team Endorsement

Starting with a single team to use the communication solution and letting word-of-mouth spread is another strategy that has yielded remarkable results. This approach, as highlighted in the case study Team Communication Leads to Decreased Treatment Times led to success for the hospital. A Director of Trauma Services spoke about the positive impact this approach had on their team, "Overall, the shift to using GD's team communications solutions was just organic. Now a lot more of the subspeciality doctors are [buying in] because they have seen how much time it is saving on their patients.”

The Simplicity of the Right Solution:

One key aspect that has resonated with healthcare teams is the simplicity of e-Bridge. It not only streamlines communication but also saves valuable time for EMS and hospital staff. Gina Pellerito, NRP says, “It's so simple. I can't say enough about this app!”

Why Generating Buy-In Matters:

In healthcare, adopting a new communication solution can be a transformative step. It not only enhances coordination but also directly impacts patient care and outcomes. Generating buy-in from EMS and healthcare teams ensures that the transition is smooth, and the solution is used to its fullest potential. When teams embrace the technology, the entire healthcare ecosystem benefits from improved communication, quicker decision-making, and ultimately, better patient care.

By fostering buy-in and making the transition to a new communication solution a collaborative effort, you set the stage for a more efficient and effective healthcare system.

To learn more about e-Bridge and how it can transform communication within your healthcare institution, don't hesitate to connect with the Regional Manager in your area.

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