IT Department Benefits from Telehealth Solutions

IT Department Benefits from GD Telehealth Solutions

The IT Team is responsible for keeping it all safe, secure, and up and running, 24/7 – Between  handling the technical aspects of managing patient information flow and protecting patient data; or mitigating data loss risk. Healthcare IT Departments need a platform that is not only safe and secure, but allows all the necessary information to sit in one place.


With GD Telehealth Solutions the IT Department has all their bases covered:

  • Data is secure from first medical contact, discharge and beyond
  • All data could be auto-wiped from the providers devices
  • Data is securely recorded, time-stamped and stored at the hospital level, enabling instant access by the entire team to all pre-hospital communication, documentation, and reports.
  • HIPAA Compliant data
  • Consolidate multiple communication and documentation needs into on application with one support contact, not many vendors

Beyond security, GD Telehealth Solutions offers ease of use, one-app with the ability to create specific workflows for everything from stroke to sepsis, trauma and many other protocols; thus streamlining and speeding up information sharing and team conferencing.


According to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology at the US Department of Health and Human Services, 66% of patients have concerns about the safety of their information when it is electronically exchanged ( Those concerns are not unfounded; 32% of patients who saw a doctor in 2019 reported experiencing “a gap in information exchange” ( Even worse, about 1 in 20 patients even had to redo a test or procedure because of data loss.


That gap in data sharing is many times causes by multiple systems that don’t work well together. This is completely unacceptable- and, with the right system at your fingertips, completely avoidable.


About GD (General Devices)
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