Massachusetts leveraging FirstNet app GD e-Bridge to screen for COVID-19 and send alerts

FirstNet Announces Smartphones for Life for Public Safety

FirstNet applications like the e-Bridge app are being used to help first responders and medical professionals respond to the coronavirus pandemic by providing situational awareness and telemedicine capabilities

Amid the coronavirus chaos, first responders and doctors are using FirstNet tools for critical communications and situational awareness.


Health-care professionals in Massachusetts are leveraging FirstNet app e-Bridge to screen for coronavirus and send alerts. Baystate Health had been using e-Bridge for the past year and this January launched a new coronavirus screening alert tool for the approximately 40 EMS agencies that use e-Bridge.


“Almost immediately, our partner EMS organizations started using the module to screen patients and send us alerts,” said Baystate Health senior manager Nathan Stanaway, in an email. “Every day at our flagship hospital, we welcome an average of 130 to 140 ambulance EMS patients.”

The app allows personnel at the hospital to….


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This article was posted on Government Technology by author Jim McKay on April 3, 2020

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