Mobile Telehealth Video

Watch Now: GD’s Mobile Telehealth Solutions help streamline 1st medical contact through treatment & post discharge

Mobile Telehealth Video: All-In-One End-to-End application for: Emergency & Non-Emergency patient care workflow, ET3, MIH-CP, and unlimited use cases and protocols.

What is the GD e-Bridge & CAREpoint application used for?

Streamlined medical command and communications between your EMS, hospital emergency departments and your internal and external networks of specialists; 24/7/365


Remove unnecessary communication steps a. Reducing clicks and talk time.
b. Automating repetitive steps.
c. Backend closed loop forms & workflows.
d. Communicate through preferred methods and be understood
Reducing time to treatment Early notifications, sharing data and telemetry, live video, video language interpreters and other features to help prep for patients and better utilization of your time
Patient Calmness Discrete medical direction and care at a distance

To learn more about the lessons learned from working with thousands of hospitals and EMS implementations over the years or if you have an initiative and would like to talk it over with someone please choose a time in the below link and let’s have a conversation.

gd e-Bridge mobile telemedicine

What would you improve first?

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