Introducing GD's New eBook: Why You Need an ED Workstation

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – September 6, 2023: General Devices (GD) has developed a new e-book, “Why You Need an Emergency Department Workstation,” to support ED teams. 

In this e-book, readers will gain a complete understanding of the benefits of using an ED workstation, beginning with confronting why this is a necessary tool for standardizing processes and advancing communication and collaboration. From there, they dive into the challenges EDs face and the value of the right workstation. After that is established, the e-book takes readers through functions and features to look for when considering an ED workstation. Finally, they are introduced to GD’s CAREpoint 3 Workstation, including its features and benefits, along with testimonials from current CAREpoint Workstation users.  

After reviewing “Why You Need an Emergency Department Workstation,” readers will walk away with:

  • a sense of the challenges EDs face
  • a clear understanding how an ED workstation can help
  • the value of the right ED workstation  
  • confidence that by implementing the right ED workstation, they will standardize processes, increase efficiency, improve patient outcomes, mitigate risk and protect their data
  • knowledge of exactly what to look for when deciding on an ED workstation
  • concrete steps for how to proceed with implementing the CAREpoint 3 Workstation

Learn more by connecting with your regional manager.

About GD (General Devices)

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