Case Study: Upgrading ED Workstations to Improve Coordination of Care

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – July 13, 2022: GD, a healthcare technology company, has recently released a new case study: Upgrading ED Workstations to Improve Coordination of Care.

Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, a 377-bed not-for-profit facility in Mission Hills, CA, is already seeing a positive impact from implementing two of GD’s CAREpoint Workstations in January 2022. Before switching to CAREpoint, they had an old system that was costly and far from user friendly. Everything about CAREpoint was easier than their previous system: EMS-ED communications, reporting, extracting concrete data, coordinating care teams, getting data to specialty groups, communicating with customer support, and customization.

Hospital care teams quickly bought in and were easily trained. Financial stakeholders realized that despite the initial cost, it would be more cost-effective long-term than their existing system. Since implementing CAREpoint, the hospital has experienced:

  • better preparedness for incoming patients without lapses in communication
  • improved coordination of care
  • easy recording and reporting of EMS communications
  • customized forms
  • cost savings and so much more.

Download the case study today to learn how CAREpoint workstations can improve coordination of care.

About GD (General Devices)

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