Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center Implements GD’s CAREpoint 3 Workstation

RIDGEFIELD, NJ – January 3, 2022: In August, Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center implemented GD’s CAREpoint 3 Workstation and saw immediate benefits. Mt. Graham is the primary source of healthcare for both Graham and Greenlee Counties in rural Safford, AZ. Since the early 2000s, the hospital has relied on General Devices’ CAREpoint 2 Workstation to manage their 40-60 EMS calls and ambulance arrivals per week. Their calls are now handled even better with GD’s CAREpoint 3 Workstation.  

In the past, the hospital’s IT department had minimal involvement with CAREpoint 2 because it was not their standard computer hardware. However, CAREpoint 3’s new SolaaS platform allows IT to provide seamless support for the benefit of their patients and staff. “They are much more involved, so I think that’s a good thing in this regard, having the computer and all that being owned by the hospital and being maintained by the hospital,” says Prehospital Coordinator Kyle Lines.

Another benefit of CAREpoint 3 Workstation that Lines has experienced is accessing call logs with the D-Scribe X Intelligence Hub (integrated log recorder). After using CAREpoint 2 and D-Scribe to listen to call logs for EMS QA review for years, Lines has found using D-Scribe X “a lot nicer just because I can access it from any of the computers. I don’t have to just be on my desktop in my office, I can pull it up anywhere. And being able to look at all the graphical data and trends and other things is something I am looking forward to being able to use in the future,” he says.

They are also enjoying Recall History with CAREpoint 3. Before, charge nurses and physicians could only look back at calls through D-Scribe reporting on a desktop for QA. “Being able to go back and look through the call log of the last five or six calls [on CAREpoint] has been a huge thing for our department,” he says.

What is CAREpoint 3? 

GD’s CAREpoint Workstation connects EMS and ED teams to improve communication and help provide Simply Seamless Patient Care. By harnessing the power of responsive innovation, communications data is consolidated, reporting and recording is automatic, and network security is IT friendly. CAREpoint 3 is an all-in-one SolaaS platform which is necessary for today’s prehospital care. 

The important value that Mt. Graham Regional Medical Center has experienced over the years with CAREpoint 2 Workstation and continues to see with CAREpoint 3 Workstation includes:

  • Better preparedness for incoming patients
  • Quicker and more efficient patient hand-off
  • Faster time-to-treatment
  • Improved quality assurance with data and voice logging, recording and reporting

Another difference the hospital has seen between CAREpoint 2 and CAREpoint 3 is how easy the next generation model is to use and adopt with its newer simple touch-screen controls. “I don’t think any of our staff previously had any idea how to put someone on hold or handle more than one call at a time,” says Lines. “We definitely are able to take advantage of that and utilize that now.”

“We are excited to have partnered with Mt. Graham for one of our debut  CAREpoint 3 installations. They have been a long-time respected client and provider of emergency care to their community. Their sharing of needs, ideas and support by IT has helped GD provide this exciting responsive innovation that we know will help benefit their staff, patients and EMS providers well into the future.” – Says Curt Bashford, GD’s CEO.

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