GD Launches the Next Generation of CAREpoint 3

Breakthrough Advances Enable Emergency Departments to Truly Achieve Seamless Patient Care from the Field to the Hospital with CAREpoint 3

Ridgefield, NJ (TBD) – GD (General Devices), the leader in emergency medical communications and telehealth solutions, is releasing the new CAREpoint 3 platform . CAREpoint 3 was designed from the ground up to integrate major advances in technology, accessibility, and ease-of-use to deliver the seamless patient care solution that emergency departments and EMS agencies alike have been demanding for today’s patient care.

CAREpoint 3 builds upon the foundation of GD’s proven CAREpoint platform, the most widely adopted hospital ED workstation for EMS communications and prehospital care coordination. However, CAREpoint 3 goes further — much further. The result is that emergency department clinicians can finally experience the Power of 3 through these market-leading advantages:

  • Seamless Communications – No more dealing with radio on one device, phone calls on another and data feeds in a third. Now, ED staff can receive all streams of communication in one interface, at one time.
  • Seamless Telehealth – Direct and meaningfully engage your prehospital care coordination with GD eBridge Alert capabilities or full video telehealth communications with EMS.  
  • Seamless Documentation – The integrated D-Scribe X log recorder means case reviews, quality assurance, legal and assessments are easy with customizable reporting. Documentation includes comprehensive capture and archiving of alerts, data, video and voice. 
  • Seamless Integration– Worried about IT integration and security requirements? Now, CAREpoint 3 can operate on your existing in-house systems and networks, while meeting HIPAA and security standards. 
  • Seamless Connectivity – Your CAREpoint 3 solution seamlessly connects with D-Scribe X for automatic recording and reporting of pre-hospital data sources, and CAREpoint can export to most EMR platforms. 
  • Seamless Mobility – Whereas traditional workstations require you to report to the base station location or EMS communications room, CAREpoint 3 enables seamless mobility for ED staff, freeing them to engage, coordinate and respond to EMS field communications from anywhere in the ED.
  • Seamless Purchasing– Don’t worry about going through your system’s endless capital expenditure approvals process again. Instead, simply incorporate the CAREpoint 3 SaaS subscription into your operating budget.

“Our customers, partners and colleagues in both hospital emergency medicine and field EMS have been asking for a truly seamless solution for collaboration and coordination between EMS and the ED, and with CAREpoint 3 that solution has arrived. The result, we are confident, will be simply smarter — and seamless — patient care.” Curt Bashford, CEO.

For more information on CAREpoint 3 please visit CAREpoint – General Devices ( or contact the GD sales and solutions team directly by calling (201) 313-7075.

About GD (General Devices): GD is a NJ-based med tech company specializing in mobile telemedicine and telehealth solutions that help EMS and fire first responders, hospitals, and communities and regions deliver smarter, expedient patient care. Powered by responsive innovation, GD’s user-friendly solutions facilitate secure, mobile communications and rapid data sharing across acute and non-acute care teams to help save time, money and lives. Backed by a 40+ year history and thousands of implementations, GD is a widely revered industry leader.

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