New Emergency Department Dashboard Improves ER Readiness for Incoming Patients

Many hospitals across the US (particularly in rural areas) still communicate through pagers and whiteboards and this leads to expensive miscommunications, burnt out hospital teams, longer wait times, and degraded patient care.

An Emergency Department is one of the places in a hospital where they feel this pain most. There often isn’t time to pass patient information along or wait for staff once the EMS team has arrived. Patient handoff needs to happen quickly and any time wasted passing information between staff members is a moment that could result in worsening patient conditions and in some cases even death. 

There’s a national need for better pre-hospital EMS communication. That’s why General Devices has responded to the needs of their customers and updated their solutions with a new emergency department dashboard to help Emergency Department teams stay more prepared for incoming patients.

What is an Emergency Department Dashboard? 

With our ED Workstation, nurses are able to take incoming calls from multiple phone and radio lines, fill out a quick form on our communication platform, and have the relevant patient information from that form displayed on the emergency department dashboard in the ED for all team members to see. This means ETAs countdown as the ambulance is en route to the ED and staff is able to see patient information like age, sex, chief complaint, vitals, and more, before they arrive. 

ED Staff are able to easily organize incoming patients on the dashboard , assign rooms to patients before they arrive, and are ready to deliver excellent care the moment the EMS team arrives. 

Connect with the Regional Manager in your area to learn more about e-Bridge Emergency Department Dashboards. For existing customers who want to explore adding a dashboard to their e-Bridge configuration, connect with the customer success team

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