Launching Oakland County EMS-Hospital Communications into the Future

Oakland County Medical Control Authority enhances pre-hospital communication by replacing their radio system with the e-Bridge mobile telehealth app, launching them into the future of telehealth.


In late 2020, the Oakland County Medical Control Authority (OCMCA) in Oakland County, Michigan, decided that to simplify, consolidate and modernize EMS-hospital communications, they needed to transition all their EMS from radio to GD’s mobile telemedicine app, e-Bridge. One of 59 medical control authorities in the state of Michigan, the OCMCA supervises and coordinates the Oakland County EMS system – that’s 50 EMS agencies, 3,000 EMS providers, 15 hospitals, more than 250,000 calls for service each year. 

“We reached out to all the other vendors that provide any type of communications device like this, and no other company could match what GD had produced with e-Bridge,” said Bonine Kincaid, OCMCA Executive Director. “When a paramedic can show a doctor a patient, and even have the doc talk to the patient, the care is greatly enhanced – everything from strokes to refusals.”

Learn more by downloading the Oakland County Case Study here. 

Hear more from Kincaid on the EMS on AIR podcast and watch the OCMCA’s e-Bridge training video for a behind-the-scenes look at e-Bridge.

About GD (General Devices)

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