Prehospital Communications Improved by Mercy Medical Center with GD e-Bridge WorkFLOW

The western Massachusetts center is enhancing areawide EMS communications and provider response.


Ridgefield, NJ – October 1, 2020 ­– GD (General Devices), a Med Tech company specializing in mobile telemedicine and telehealth, announced Mercy Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, part of Trinity Health Of New England, is improving prehospital communications with the GD e-Bridge WorkFLOW  telemedicine app. The app allows the medical center to customize workflows for better patient care.

The GD e-Bridge mobile app provides a configurable mobile telemedicine solution that helps align processes between emergency teams within Mercy Medical Center. The technology also helps the medical center enhance prehospital communications and work with Baystate Medical Center, another GD e-Bridge customer, to improve communication for patient transfers. Eight EMS agencies in western Massachusetts are using the GD e-Bridge telemedicine solution, with 20 more EMS agencies coming online soon.


Time stamps help stroke coordinators enhance their reporting and maintain Mercy Medical Center’s gold stroke center rating, the highest stroke center recognition from the American Heart Association. The technology also helps alert various teams within Mercy — from behavioral health to opioid addiction to the obstetrics teams — about incoming patients. The alerts allow hospital staff to ensure the necessary equipment is available in the correct area when the patient arrives to enhance treatment and response times.


“The use of e-Bridge has allowed us to strengthen our partnership with area ambulance services by streamlining and enhancing prehospital communication, thereby benefiting patients and providers alike,” said Dale Lafayette Jr., NREMT-P, EMS Coordinator, Mercy Medical Center.  “For example, every minute counts when a patient presents with a stroke and receiving detailed patient information ‘from the field’ allows us to better prepare for such a patient’s arrival at Mercy.”

The GD Responsive Innovation team is available to help EMS and hospital teams customize their workflows for better patient care. The GD e-Bridge Mobile Telemedicine app is highly configurable to solve and evolve with changing needs.

GD e-Bridge enables live communications between and among EMS crews, medical directors, nurses and hospital teams by sharing pictures, audio, video and live streaming to better manage and streamline patient care to save lives and improve outcomes. GD e-Bridge is highly configurable, enabling users to tailor the operation for simply smarter patient care.


Contact GD to set up a discussion about how GD e-Bridge mobile telemedicine can create configurable workflows with your providers for enhanced patient care.


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