Receive Emergency Patient Alerts Directly to your Email and Pager from GD e-Bridge

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Receive Emergency Patient Alerts Directly to your Email and Pager from GD e-Bridge


Emergency care teams can now consolidate and standardize their notification process by using GD e-Bridge to send notifications not only to e-Bridge users, but emails and pagers as well.


[Ridgefield, NJ, Feb 2020] – Emergency care teams can now simplify their notification process by using one solution which has the capabilities to send notifications through multiple routes. The telehealth app, GD e-Bridge, can now send notifications to the app itself and notify emergency care team members via email and pagers.


 Quicker notifications, with more accurate data, can lead to quicker time to treatment and overall better patient care.  This new capability of GD e-Bridge will allow team members to

  • Follow emergency cases step by step with automatic case workflow notifications
  • Increase productivity by gaining the ability to finish other tasks and receive these notifications remotely
  • Provide improved patient care by sharing more effective data, in a timely manner
  • Instantly send mass awareness notifications for various news or emergencies

Right time. Right Place. Right care. With GD Telehealth Solutions.


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