The Future of Telemedicine is now, and the Numbers Prove It

There was a time when telemedicine was considered a system of the future. But the future has arrived at medical centers across the country, according to survey results published by URAC and Telemedicine Magazine.


More than 70% of health organizations are currently using a form of telehealth. Based on the URAC telemedicine survey, roughly 40% of hospitals and health systems that haven’t introduced telemedicine plan to implement it within the next year. While hospitals have largely been the first to join the telehealth revolution, other branches of the medical field are beginning to embrace it as well, including nearly 1/5th of pharmacies, as well as other specialties surveyed. They plan on integrating telemedicine into their practices within the next two years.


In an industry that has been dominated by workstations littered with paper forms and corded phones for decades, change can be difficult. Even with the difficulty of implementing a new system, the medical industry is enthusiastically embracing a completely new system. Why?


The answer lies in numbers.


Telemedicine provides increased access to care. 100% of respondents listed it as the top reason for telehealth adoption in their practices. In addition, 80% of hospitals reported that their top 3 reasons for making the switch included better coordination of care and better overall connection to physicians. Other goals high on all respondents’ lists included:

  • Reduced healthcare costs
  • Improved patient engagement and retention
  • Reduction in hospital readmission rates.

The URAC telemedicine survey has proved that taking the leap to telemedicine is already paying off for respondents. 90% agree that telehealth accreditation is worth the process, allowing for:

  • Better patient safety
  • Professional ethical standards
  • Continuity of care, among other factors.

If telemedicine is a system for the future, it seems like the future is knocking. Are you ready to answer?

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