Door-to-Balloon Time of 15 Minutes with GD e-Bridge at Baystate Medical Center

First Responders and Hospital Teams Used e-Bridge to Communicate More Quickly and Effectively for Simply Smarter Patient Care

July 26, 2021 – Ridgefield, NJ – Baystate Medical Center (Springfield MA)  has achieved an exceptional door-to-balloon time (D2B) of just 15 minutes using GD’s mobile telemedicine app e-Bridge to improve process and patient care for STEMI, a type of heart attack that requires rapid acute care.

“This is a historic record for Baystate Health and a testament to the teamwork and collaboration that happens on a daily basis,” said Alina Capatina, ACS/STEMI program coordinator at Baystate. 

The area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center, Baystate has 716 beds, sees over 110,000 patients a year, receives an average of 120 ambulances each day and is the community’s major referral hospital. Baystate customized e-Bridge for intaking STEMI patients and easily trained EMS, Emergency Department (ED) and catheterization lab teams to use the module on their phones, tablets and computers. With HIPAA secure messaging, live video telehealth, and one-touch alerts, the e-Bridge STEMI Module provides Baystate with rapid access to patient information, reduces bottlenecks and constraints and allows for tracking of time-stamped case data.

In this instance, the Monson Fire Department EMS used e-Bridge to send critical patient information to the Emergency Department 22 minutes before patient arrival. The Baystate ED team immediately reviewed the case and activated the STEMI team 17 minutes before patient arrival. Through e-Bridge, the rest of the team was notified of the real-time ETA and that the patient should be taken directly to the cath lab where all equipment and personnel were waiting. Heart and Vascular Critical Care (HVCC) fellows and residents were already monitoring the case via e-Bridge. Upon arrival, Baystate’s interventional cardiologist evaluated the patient in the ambulance bay, the ED team immediately registered the patient, the patient was transferred directly to the cath lab and received post-procedure care in the HVCC.

“This is a big win for our STEMI program and Baystate as a whole,” said Capatina. “I spoke to the patient after their procedure and they were very pleased with their care, as well as relieved for feeling better so soon!”

Baystate also uses e-Bridge to improve process and patient care for trauma, stroke and general medical care as well as STEMI.

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