eBook: ET3 Telehealth Implementation

The federal Health and Human Services (HHS) Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) unveiled their Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3) model program on Valentines Day, 2019. ET3 is a voluntary, five-year payment model that will provide greater flexibility to ambulance care teams to address emergency health care needs of Medicare beneficiaries following a 911 call. From the start it has been hailed as a game changer, and rightfully so. The newly introduced ET3 program opens the door to aligning financial incentives for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) industry. More specifically, payment/reimbursement for emergency care provided without requiring transport to the hospital for appropriate cases. This finally puts some teeth behind enabling healthcare to where it needs to do. Namely- Right Care, and the Right Place and Time. EMS Agencies enrolled and accepted into the five-year ET3 program will be able to bill for treatment and transport to alternate destinations (other than the hospital emergency department) as well as treatment in place on-scene. This is with the provision that EMS is connected via telehealth (telemedicine) with a qualified healthcare professional (QHP) or a QHP on scene.

This eBook will show how (mobile) telehealth enables ET3 to work or you and your patients as a tool for better patient care.

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