eBook: How To Choose A Mobile Telemedicine and Notification Solution

Healthcare is evolving, and technologies are “disruptive” drivers, ironically technology is often the easy part. What is difficult is the people component of implementing technology and process changes. Healthcare providers are stretched to the limits and change is often perceived as a distraction, masking real needs and opportunity that can lead to more efficient, better and lower cost care for patients.

This e-book addresses Mobile Telemedicine as an easy, practical, technology solution for time sensitive emergency and acute care – right from first medical contact, whether that begins in the home with EMS or at the hospital ED door and extends all the way through intervention by speciality teams. Minutes can mean the difference between recovery, permanent disability and death. Mobile Telemedicine is an evolutionary technology that saves much more than minutes. At GD, that’s what we call Responsive Innovation in healthcare. Let us help you do what you do best – even better.

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