Managing COVID-19: e-Bridge Mobile Telehealth App on FirstNet

Tune in to the Mission Critical webinar on April 15 to hear how EMS and hospitals are using telemedicine to successfully manage the COVID-19 pandemic.

April 14, 2021 – Ridgefield, NJ – Mission Critical is hosting a webinar series focusing on how Mobile Apps have aided in managing COVID-19. In the second webinar of the series, GD CEO, Curt Bashford alongside Baystate’s Erin Markt and AMR’s Kimberly D’Angelo will present how GD e- bridge aided in managing the virus for western Massachusetts.

You can register for the webinar here.

“Solutions for Helping Agencies Test, Treat, Trace & Prevent COVID-19” will reveal how GD partner Baystate Medical Center uses GD’s e-Bridge COVID-19 module to make communication between inpatient care teams and EMS partners more effective, particularly as the number of COVID-19 ambulance calls and patients grew exponentially in the spring of 2020. Bashford will present alongside Baystate Medical Center Senior EMS and Prehospital Coordinator Erin Markt and AMR Western MA Clinical Education Specialist Kimberly D’Angelo, who uses FirstNet devices to send alerts to Baystate Medical Center.

The webinar, which takes place from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. EDT, is one of many digital events offered by MissionCritical. FirstNet, built with AT&T, is sponsoring many of these public webinars to help agencies and organizations become more familiar with a variety of public safety-related apps.

The industry-leading mobile telemedicine app GD e-Bridge, which is FirstNet Verified, is designed to streamline care from first medical contact to the hospital. It enables live, HIPAA-secure communications between and among EMS and hospital teams through sharing pictures, audio, video and live streaming. It provides alerts and notifications with real-time ETA tracking and allows 12-lead management from any monitor. With a suite of highly-configurable extensions, e-Bridge allows users to tailor its interface, alerts, buttons, workflow and more.

About GD (General Devices)

Founded in 1979, GD is a Ridgefield, NJ-based provider of mobile telemedicine and telehealth solutions that help first responders, medical facilities and community paramedicine providers deliver smarter, expedient patient care. Powered by responsive innovation, GD’s user-friendly communications solutions facilitate secure, mobile communications and rapid data sharing across acute and non-acute care teams to help save time—and lives. Backed by a 40-year history and hundreds of implementations, GD is a widely revered industry leader.

For more information, visit the GD website, TwitterLinkedIn or Facebook.


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