EMS Caller ID system created by Hospital with Configurable Telehealth Solutions

Telehealth innovation doesn’t always have to mean major changes in healthcare. During a time that puts extra strain on our healthcare systems and providers, the little things can make a difference. Now more than ever, efficient communication between Emergency Departments (EDs) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is crucial, and highly configurable solutions make it possible. At Lehigh Valley Hospital, Cedar Crest in Allentown, PA it turns out that something as simple as a ringtone has greatly improved communication between their ED and EMS.

Working at the largest Level I Trauma Center in the regional, Lehigh Valley, Cedar Crest’s healthcare teams already use their GD CAREpoint Workstation unit to answer all incoming EMS calls. To make their alerting process even more simple and efficient, they requested to configure their workstation to have different ringtones for each EMS agency.

As GD CAREpoint is highly configurable, users are able to set their own ringtones for all incoming EMS Communications. The different ringtones for incoming calls on the Lehigh Valley, Cedar Crest GD CAREpoint are associated to the different EMS agencies that will be calling in. This allows the Cedar Crest team to better prepare themselves for the incoming calls and patients.

“It’s like a Caller ID for EMS,” says Josh Houck Emergency Preparedness Specialist at Lehigh Valley Health Network. This solution helps ensure that staff better anticipates and responds to patients’ needs as quickly as possible.

GD has had users all over the nation utilize their CAREpoint ringtones as a way to make the unit more personal to their team. One pediatric team chose to have their ringtone to be the Spongebob theme song, to provide some entertainment for the children. Another team chose to have the batman theme song as their ringtone. With the help of the GD team, the ringtone configuration process is simple!

GD Telehealth Solutions are completely configurable in ways both large and small. The GD CAREpoint allows hospitals to:

  • Answer EMS Calls remotely on a mobile device so medical teams can freely move about the hospital
  • Pre-record custom messages or announcements to eliminate repeat calling, unannounced EMS arrivals, unprepared teams and more
  • Record phone calls and radio transmission between EMS and hospitals with the integrated D-Scribe log recorder in a centralized EMS Communication system with many features along with all data for quality review and legal documentation.

To learn how to configure your own GD CAREpoint ringtones and more, contact our client team!


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